How does Baccarat staking work?

How does Baccarat staking work?

How and how much can I earn from Baccarat staking?

If a player wants to be successful in any game of chance simple logic dictates the following: The loss risk must be reduced to a minimum and winnings must be higher than losses.

In order to achieve this, the player must play responsibly and follow a fixed set of rules, i.e., he must have a system, a strategy – and he should certainly have strong nerves.

Our staking platform (of which this page is so-to-say the whitepaper or guide) has therefore partnered up with a small team of players who fulfill those very requirements. They play five days a week – Monday to Friday – currently mostly online.

Now there are two options how you can benefit from this and earn a passive income:

  • You simply stake your own money and gain profits every week. All you have to do each day is check the results in your back office, cash out or re-stake (compound) your winnings and watch your stake gradually grow.
  • Or you share your experience with family and friends and let them take part in your success. You build an own team of active backers and earn commissions from your direct referrals.

Now let’s dig a bit deeper into both options.

1. Direct win sharing

Each backer has a direct share of 20-60% in the winnings. The larger a backer’s stake is, the higher his potential winnings are.

RankActive stakeShare
Tester200-999 USD20%
Advanced1,000-9,999 USD30%
Pro10,000-19,999 USD40%
Elite20,000-49,999 USD50%
Diamond50,000+ USD60%

For example: If your stake is below 1,000 USD you’re a “tester” with a share of 20% in the winnings.

Let’s say the winnings on a given day are an even 1% and you’re a tester. Then your personal gain is 20% of that 1%, i.e. 0.2%. So if your stake is, for example, 500 USD you earn 1 USD on that day.

If your stake is, e.g., 20,000 USD you’re an “elite” backer and have a share of 50% in the winnings. So if the player wins 2% you earn 1% on your stake – that’s 200 USD in a single day!

So simply by having a share in the total active stake of our platform, each backer can earn a passive income and watch his money grow day by day. All you need is an active stake of at least 200 USD and you have a 20-60% share in the daily profits.

Stop Loss Protection

Of course, our players do not win every day – that’s the nature of a game of chance. Therefore, our players have a stop-loss-limit of no more than 6% of the total stake a day – which is a scenario we have actually never seen.

What is more: Even if a player does lose every now and then (and losses are rather rare) a backer can never lose more than what his percentual share in the winnings – according to his rank or stake level – is.

A backer never loses the full percentage, but only 20-60% of the percentage loss. The remaining loss amount is covered by the system.

For example, a „tester“ – with a share of 20% in the winnings – can never lose more than 20% of the percentage loss. So if the loss on a given day is an even 1% he will lose only 0.2% of his personal stake.

Build more wealth by re-staking your winnings

Now you can cash out your winnings every day if you like or – you restake them. “Restaking” means that you re-add your daily winnings from your e-wallet to your active stake – increasing your gains continuously.

By simply compounding your winnings, your stake will automatically grow over time and you’ll soon be making more money every day. You simply log into your dashboard every weekday – this doesn’t even take one minute – and re-stake your daily winnings.

Of course, you can also cash out every day – you’re free to withdraw your profits or stake anytime. After all, this is not a fixed deposit. It’s you who decides how to play the game.

2. Referral system: Build a team and earn extra cash

In addition to direct win sharing, every backer has the opportunity to share his experience with peers and build a team of new backers. As the sponsor of his downline, he will then receive commissions of up to 100% from his referrals.

Building a team or downline can be extremely rewarding because – on top of your direct winnings – you also earn continuous commissions for each backer you have recruited to our platform.

N.B. A downline is restricted to a maximum of two levels, from which a sponsor can receive commissions. E.g., if you recruit a new backer (backer 1) and this backer now recruits another new backer (backer 2), then you will receive commissions on the winnings of “backer 1” and “backer 2”. However, if “backer 2” recruits another backer himself (backer 3) you will not receive commissions on the winnings of “backer 3”.

NB: Team building is just an option. You can but you don’t have to build a downline.

And here is how our referral system works:

Each backer has a “sponsor ID” and a referral link that you can use to recruit new backers. Your personal referral link is available in your dashboard.

Once you have recruited a new backer his rank and share in the winnings will be determined by the size of his active stake (see above.)

Your referrals will then be listed in your downline (maximum two levels) and you earn a commision every time our players win and your referrals receive their cut in the profits.

The amount of the commission received from referrals in both levels depends a) on the rank of that referral and b) his active stake. In general, commissions received from second-level referrals (indirect partners) are half of the commission received from first-level referrals (direct partners.)

Your referral’s rankYour referral’s stakeYour commission in %
1st level
(direct partner)
2nd level
(indirect partner)
Tester200-999 USD100%50%
Advanced 1,000-9,999 USD50%25%
Pro10,000-19,999 USD25%12,5%
Elite 20,000-49,999 USD10%5%
Diamond50,000+ USD5%2,5%

To give you a few examples:

  • Example level 1: If you recruit a “tester” and your referral wins 2 USD, you receive a commission of 100% = 2 USD.
  • Example level 1: If you recruit an “advanced” backer and your referral wins 30 USD, you get a commission of 50% = 15 USD.
  • Example level 1: If you have a “pro” in your downline and your referral wins 120 USD, your commission equals 25% = 30 USD.
  • Example level 1: If you refer an “elite” backer to our platform and he wins 350 USD, your commission is 10% = 35 USD.
      • Example level 2: If the “tester” from the first example (your direct partner) himself recruits another “tester” (your indirect partner) and that indirect partner wins 2 USD, your second-level commission will be 1 USD.

      N.B. Referral commisions will be paid only on winnings generated by referrals over two levels in your downline, not over multiple levels. There is no lump-sum commission for deposits either.