How to join Baccarat staking?

How to join Baccarat staking?

How to join & add funds to your stake?

Every new backer needs a “sponsor,” i.e. a person who has invited you to our staking platform and probably sent you the link to this page. So if you, too, want to start earning a passive income from staking on our platform, it is recommended you get back to that person now. Not only can you ask him further questions you may still have. You will also need his sponsor ID to sign up and get him to add you to our Telegram group.

For “Sponsor ID” please use “admin” or get back to the person who referred you to our platform.

Once you have signed up and gained access to your dashboard, the first thing you’ll need to do is add funds to your stake. In order to participate you need an active stake of at least 200 USD. You will find detailed instructions in the “buy stake” section of your dashboard or here in this PDF.

N.B. Although your stake will be in USD we use only cryptocurrency for payments. This is to facilitate the payment process whenever you want to add/withdraw funds to/from your e-wallet and keep it as efficient as possible.

Payments can be made in USDT (BSC, ERC-20), USDC (BSC) and BTC (Bitcoin.) USDT and USDC are stablecoins and pegged to the US dollar. For example, if you wish to add 100 USD to your stake you can deposit either 100 USDT or 100 USDC.

And now the fun begins!! Every weekday from Monday to Friday – remember: our players play five days a week – the (gross) results will be posted in your dashboard as well as in our Telegram group.

Now you can either just watch your money continuously grow in your e-wallet (that’s where your daily cut in the profit goes) or you can restake/compound your winnings regularly, i.e. add them from your e-wallet back to your active stake. It’s really just as simple as that!

Of course, you can also cash out anytime, withdraw your winnings or entire stake. Your funds are never locked but always available for you to withdraw.